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  • Mark Skec

CoVID-19 Update

PLEASE NOTE: If you have an appointment booked with me, and you are experiencing any flu-like symptoms, please contact me regarding rescheduling your appointment. I kindly request that you do not enter the clinic if you are unwell. It is your obligation to pass this information on to me to ensure the health of the other clients within the clinic as well as myself and the other staff at the Performance facility. As always, I enforce strict infection control procedures in the clinic including washing my hands thoroughly BEFORE AND AFTER each client, fresh towels for each session (no towel flipping here EVER!) & regular wiping down of surfaces, door handles etc with disinfectant. I've also added Antimicrobial hand gel to the clinic which I encourage clients to use.

At this stage, Evolution Myotherapy will NOT be closing and I will be continuing to support you all as usual.

I will take advice from the Commonwealth and State Departments of Health and act on that advice. Your health is my priority and I am watching the warnings as this situation unfolds.

If at any time I am instructed to close the clinic, the length of the closure will depend upon the advice of the relevant government departments. If that were the case you will be notified via phone, SMS or email to reschedule. And in the case that you just need a person to speak to, to allay your fears or get some advice, please don't hesitate to contact me!

We are all in this together and need to look after each other.

Much love, Mark

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