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Common Ailments: Frozen Shoulder

‘Frozen shoulder’ is the commonly used term to describe ‘adhesive capsulitis’, a disabling and sometimes severely painful condition of the shoulder.

It is a disorder where the shoulder capsule and connective tissue surrounding the shoulder joint becomes stiff and thickened greatly restricting motion and causing chronic pain.

True frozen shoulder has a prolonged natural history that usually ends in resolution of its own accord. It is important to have a proper diagnosis to guide optimal management of the condition.

The three main hallmarks of frozen shoulder are shoulder stiffness that comes on for no specific reason; severe pain that becomes worse at night and in cold weather; and near complete loss of passive AND active external rotation of the shoulder.

Shoulder pain is associated with conditions such as - shoulder impingement, bursitis, rotator cuff tear, calcific tendonitis, referred pain from the neck and nerve pain. These problems may also cause reduced movement but they will not cause the movement loss in all directions or the pattern of pain typical of frozen shoulder.

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