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Common Ailments: Shoulder Pain

Pain in the shoulders has many different causes. The pain may occur in the joint itself, or in the many muscles, tendons and ligaments in the shoulders.

Shoulder pain is usually felt in the front of the shoulder, or at the top of the arm.

Often, the pain is only felt when you move your arm in a certain way. If you have shoulder pain, but you are also having trouble breathing and feel a tightness in your chest, you may be having a heart attack. You should seek medical attention immediately by dialling triple zero (000) and asking for an ambulance.

You should also seek immediate medical attention if you have injured your shoulder - for example, while playing sport or in a fall.

Otherwise, if you have shoulder pain that won’t go away or which is getting worse, or you have other symptoms that are causing you concern, make an appointment to see your doctor.

The doctor will most likely examine your shoulder and ask about your symptoms. They may suggest an x-ray or other scans to assist with diagnosis, although such tests are usually only helpful in certain situations, such as if there is an injury that needs to be investigated.

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