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Stress Management Tips #20

Stress triggers include:

Major life changes These changes can be positive, such as a new marriage, a planned pregnancy, a promotion or a new house. Or they can be negative, such as the death of a loved one or a divorce.

Environment The input from the world around us can be a source of stress. Consider how you react to sudden noises, such as a barking dog, or how you react to a bright sunlit room or a dark room.

Unpredictable events Out of the blue, uninvited house guests arrive. Or you discover your rent has gone up or that your pay has been cut.

Workplace Common stressors at work include an impossible workload, endless emails, urgent deadlines and a demanding boss.

Social Meeting new people can be stressful. Just think about going on a blind date, and you probably start to sweat. Relationships with family often spawn stress as well. Just think back to your last fight with your partner or child.

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